Instructions for Agency Report of: Consultants

State and local government agencies may use this form to identify consultants that will make or participate in making governmental decisions on behalf of the agency. A consultant must file a Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) within 30 days of assuming office.

This form identifies the Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, disclosure requirements for individuals serving in these positions. This form is for the agency’s internal use and should be maintained by the agency in the same manner as the agency’s conflict of interest code. For more information, refer to the FPPC website and Regulation 18700.3 and 18734.

Disclosure Requirements

Full disclosure includes reporting all investments, business positions, and interests in real property held on the date of assuming office and income received during the 12 months immediately preceding assuming office.


An agency hired a law firm to act as its general counsel. An individual will make recommendations to the agency’s board and provide general legal services. The individual qualifies as a consultant and based on the indefinable duties will be assigned the broadest or full disclosure under the agency’s conflict of interest code.

Not all outside contractors meet the consultant definition in FPPC Regulation 18700.3 requiring of the Form 700. When an agency determines that an individual is a consultant with limited duties, tailored disclosure should be used.

An agency hired a firm to prepare an environmental impact report (“EIR”) on airport expansion. The individual at the firm who will prepare the EIR should be assigned a disclosure requirement that reflects the contract’s scope of authority. An example might include real property, investments and business positions in business entities, and income from only those sources engaging in air traffic or aviation goods or services. Note: The agency can assign an existing disclosure category, if applicable.


An individual must file the Form 700 within 30 days of assuming office and an annual statement for each calendar year of the contract. At the conclusion of services a leaving office statement is required.

Part 1

Identify the agency, contact information, and provide the amendment explanation in the comment section when applicable.

Part 2

Identify the consultant’s firm name and address. Briefly describe the general purpose of the contract.

Part 3>

Identify the name of those individuals that qualify as consultants and will file the Form 700. Identify the disclosure by:

Provide the start and end dates of service if known.

Part 4

The Agency's conflict of interest code should identify the position that is responsible for the verification.

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