Form 606 Instructions for Notice of Termination

Filing Requirements:

This form is to be used by:

Lobbyists, lobbying firms, registered lobbyist employers, and lobbying coalitions which are ceasing all lobbying activity at the end of a regular session of the Legislature and, therefore, will not be required to renew their registration, need not file Form 606 to terminate.

File an original and one copy of this form with:

Secretary of State
Political Reform Division
1500 11th Street
P.O. Box 1467
Sacramento, CA 95812-1467


If payments are made or received subsequent to filing a “Notice of Termination” for services provided prior to termination, the payments must be reported for the period in which they were made or received.

If this Notice is filed more than 20 days after the effective date for which all activities were terminated, quarterly reports must be filed covering the entire period until the filing of this Notice.

Signature Requirements:

The “Notice of Termination” must be signed by the lobbyist, or in the case of a lobbying firm, by the person who is designated on the firm’s registration statement as the responsible officer of the firm. In the case of a lobbyist employer which is an entity or organization, (including a lobbying coalition), a responsible officer of the entity or organization must sign the notice, or an attorney or a certified public accountant acting as the entity or organization’s agent may sign.

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Form 606

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