Form 605 Instructions

Instructions for Amendment to Registration Lobbying Firm, Lobbyist Employer, Lobbying Coalition

An “Amendment to Registration” is used for reporting changes to information contained in:

Deadline for Filing:

Section 86100 requires a registration statement to be filed online or electronically and the original and one copy in paper format with:

Secretary of State
Political Reform Division
1500 11th Street
P.O. Box 1467
Sacramento, CA 95812-1467

Explanations of how to report common registration amendments are provided below

Adding a Lobbyist:

Attach a completed Form 604 (Lobbyist Certification Statement) and a recent photograph (head and shoulders only) of the lobbyist. A photograph is not necessary if one is already on file for the current legislative session.

Renewing a Registration:

Submit a $100 registration fee ($50 per year).

New Registration:

The registration fee is $50 per year and when registering in the first year of the two-year session a payment of $100 is required.

Deleting a Lobbyist:

If a lobbyist is ceasing activities as a lobbyist, attach a Form 606 (Statement of Termination) signed by the lobbyist. If a lobbyist will no longer be employed by you, but is continuing activities as a lobbyist on behalf of others, no attachments are necessary. However, it is recommended that you attach a Form 606 for any lobbyist who will not be reregistered with another lobbying firm or lobbyist employer within 20 days.

Lobbying Firm Adding a New Client or Employer:

Attach Form 602 (Authorization Statement) signed by an appropriate representative of the client. A lobbying firm that is adding a client through a subcontract with another lobbying firm must attach a Form 602 signed by a representative of the subcontracting lobbying firm. Note the filing deadline.

Lobbying Firm Deleting a Client or Employer:

No attachment is necessary.

Lobbying Employer Deleting a Lobbying Firm:

When a registered lobbyist employer terminates a contract with a lobbying firm, a Form 605 must be filed by the registered lobbyist employer and the lobbying firm.

When a lobbyist employer that is not registered (example, has no in-house lobbyist) terminates a contract with a lobbying firm, a Form 605 is only required to be filed by the lobbying firm. The lobbyist employer is not required to file a Form 605.

A Change in a Lobbying Firm's Designated Responsible Officer:

Attach Part III of Form 601 (Lobbying Firm Registration Statement) containing the required information for the new responsible officer and his/her signature.

Other (Miscellaneous):

Additional Information

Refer to the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual for additional information and information required to be provided to you pursuant to the Information Practices Act of 1977.

Description of Changes

Indicate whether you are adding, deleting or changing information contained on your registration statement. (See examples below.)

Adding/Deleting a Lobbyist:

Ms. Smith is ceasing her activities as a lobbyist andmoving to another state. ABC Company has employed a new lobbyist, Joe Jones. ABC Company must complete the Form 605,Amendment to Registration, and must attach a Form 606, Statement of Termination, completed by Jane Smith and a Form 604, Lobbyist Certification Statement, completed by Joe Jones. ABCCompanymust also submit a $50 annual registration fee ($100 if registering for the two-year session) for Jones, and Jones must provide a recent photograph of himself, which is also attached.

Adding a Client:

XYZ Lobbying Firm has been retained by a new client, Smith Manufacturing Company. Prior to attempting to influence legislative or administrative action on behalf of Smith, the firm must amend its registration by filing the Form 605,Amendment to Registration, and attach a Form 602, Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization, signed by a responsible officer of Smith Manufacturing Company


Smith and Smith Lobbying Firm decides to subcontract one of its clients to the Jones and Jones Lobbying Firm. Jones and Jones Lobbying Firm must complete a Form 605, Amendment to Registration. In Part I check the box indicating addition of a new lobbyist employer. Complete PartII, SectionB. Attach a Form602,Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization, completed and signed by a responsible officer of Smith and Smith Lobbying Firm.

Form 605

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