Instructions for Form 604 Lobbyist Certification Statement

The "Lobbyist Certification Statement" is used for:

Certification Requirements:

Renewing a Registration:

Submit a $100 registration fee ($50 per year).

New Registration:

Filing Deadlines:

New Lobbyists: Within 10 days of qualifying as a lobbyist.

Lobbyists Renewing Certification: Between November 1 and December 31 of each even-numbered year.

Amendment to Certification:

Within 20 days of any change to the information contained on the Form 604 (example, change of employer or firm) an amended Form 604 must be filed with the Secretary of State as an attachment to your employer’s or firm’s completed Form 605 (Amendment to Registration).

Additional Information

Refer to the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual for additional information and information required to be provided to you pursuant to the Information Practices Act of 1977.

Government Code sections which restrict a lobbyist’s ability tomake gifts to certain public officials are provided below.

Government Code Section 86203:

It shall be unlawful for a lobbyist, or a lobbying firm, to make gifts to one person aggregating more than ten dollars ($10) in a calendar month, or to act as an agent or intermediary in the making of any gift, or to arrange for the making of any gift by any other person.

“Gift” as used in Section 86203 means a gift made directly or indirectly to any state candidate, elected state officer, or legislative official, or to an agency official of any agency required to be listed on the registration statement of the lobbying firm or the lobbyist employer of the lobbyist.

Government Code Section 86205:

No lobbyist or lobbying firm shall:

Form 604

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