Instructions for Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization

Filing Requirements:

A Form 602 (Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization) must be completed and verified by each person who employs or contracts with a lobbying firm.

The Form 602 must be attached to the lobbying firm’s Form 601 (Registration Statement) or, when adding a new client or employer to the firm’s existing registration, to Form 605 (Amendment to Registration).

The person who employs the lobbying firm must date and sign the verification. In the case of a business entity or organization, the verification must be signed by a responsible officer of the entity or organization or by an attorney or a certified public accountant who acts as an agent for the entity or organization

Lobbying Firms That Subcontract a Client:

A lobbying firm that subcontracts to provide lobbying services to clients of another lobbying firm must identify the subcontracting lobbying firm and the client(s) on whose behalf it will lobby. A Form 602 signed by a representative of the subcontracting lobbying firm must be included with the contracted firm’s registration. The subcontracted client is not required to file a Form 602. In addition, it is not necessary to complete the Nature and Interests section for subcontract clients.

Additional Information

Refer to the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual for additional information and information required to be provided to you pursuant to the Information Practices Act of 1977.

Nature and Interests of Lobbyist Employer:

Check the box that indicates whether you are an individual, a business entity, an industry, trade or professional association, or some other type of entity, such as a lobbying coalition, a religious organization, a political or public interest organization, or a recreational club. Complete Part A, B, C, or D, whichever is applicable, and then complete Part E.

Industry Group Classification

All filers must complete Section E. Check one box that most accurately describes the industry group you represent. Industry, trade, or professional associations should check the box that most accurately describes the industry group of its members (example, an association of hospitals would be classified as “Health,” and an association of mortgage banking entities would be classified as “Business-Finance/Insurance”). Following are some additional examples:

The category “Business” has been divided into several subcategories, including:

Form 602

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