Instructions for Lobbying Firm Registration Statement

The "Lobbying Firm Registration Statement" is used for:

Initial Registration of a Lobbying Firm:

Any business entity, including an individual contract lobbyist, must register with the Secretary of State within 10 days of qualifying as a lobbying firm.

To determine if an entity qualifies as a lobbying firm refer to Government Code Section 82038.5, 2 Cal. Code of Regulations Section 18238.5. Information is also available in the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual published by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Renewal of Registration:

Every lobbying firm must renew its registration for each regular session of the State Legislature. Renewal of registration is due between November 1 and December 31 of each even-numbered year.

Registration Requirements:

Attach to the "Lobbying Firm Registration Statement" the following:

NOTE: It is not necessary to attach a Form 604 (Lobbyist Certification Statement) or a registration fee for any lobbyist who is separately registered as a lobbying firm or who is employed by a lobbying firm with which your firm subcontracts.

Registration of Subcontract Clients:

A lobbying firm that contracts to lobby for a client of another lobbying firm must identify both the subcontracting lobbying firm and the client. Use Part II, Section B to report such arrangements. Attach a Form 602 (Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization) completed and signed by a representative of the subcontracting lobbying firm.

Amendment of Lobbying Firm Registration Statement:

If any change occurs in the information contained in the “Lobbying Firm Registration Statement” a Form 605 (Amendment to Registration) must be filed:

Section 86100 requires a registration statement to be filed online or electronically and the original and one copy in paper format with:

Secretary of State
Political Reform Division
1500 11th Street
P.O. Box 1467
Sacramento, CA 95812-1467

Additional Information

Refer to the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual for additional information and information required to be provided to you pursuant to the Information Practices Act of 1977.

Reporting Agencies to be Lobbied

Each lobbyist identified in Part I will be registered to lobby all agencies listed on the Lobbying Firm Registration Statement and all subsequent amendments unless a lobbyist identifies specific agencies on his/her Lobbyist Certification Statement (Form 604).

Reporting Lobbyist Interests

Following are some examples of how to report lobbying interests on the registration statement:


Example 1:

Lobbying Firm A has ABC Corporation as a client. ABC Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes pharmaceuticals. On the firm’s Form 601 (Registration Statement), it would not be sufficient to describe the corporation’s lobbying interests as “Legislation relating to business,” or “Legislation relating to manufacturing.” The description should say “Legislation relating to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals.”

Example 2:

A group of real estate companies decides to share the cost of hiring a lobbying firm to influence a specific regulation being considered by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Because there are 10 or more companies pooling funds to hire a lobbyist, the group qualifies as a “lobbying coalition.” When the lobbying firm files its Form 601 (Registration Statement), it would not be sufficient to state that the coalition’s lobbying interests are “Real estate development.” The registration statement should specifically describe the administrative action to be lobbied, such as Regulations of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing relating to adults-only rental policies (Section 12-8, 12-9).

Example 3

The DEF Association is an organization which represents local government entities, such as cities and counties. Its lobbying firm’s primary lobbying efforts during one reporting period are in connection with a bill to limit the liability of local governmental entities in personal injury lawsuits and a bill affecting the powers of redevelopment agencies. The firm also monitors other bills relating to local government issues, but does not actively lobby those bills. The Association’s lobbying interests should be described as “Legislation relating to cities, counties, and other local government entities.”

Note: Lobbying firms are also required to file quarterly reports disclosing, among other things, the specific legislative or administrative actions lobbied during the period covered by the report. See Form 625 (Report of Lobbying Firm), or the Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual for detailed information.

Form 601

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