California Form 511 Paid Spokesperson Report - Instructions

Who Files

A committee must file this report if either of the following expenditures is made to a spokesperson:

When to File

A committee that makes an expenditure identified above must file the Form 511 within 10 days. An expenditure is made on the date the payment is made or the date the services are received, if any, whichever is earlier.

Where to File

State Committees: File Form 511 with the Secretary of State. Committees required to E-file must also file a paper version.

Local Committees: File Form 511 in the same location the committee files its regular campaign statements (Form 460 or Form 461).

Completing the Form 511


To amend a previously filed Form 511, mark the amendment box and provide a clear and brief description of the amendment. Complete the committee’s name and address field, disclose the amended information, and sign and date the verification.

Disclaimer on Ad

The Political Reform Act requires specific disclaimers on advertisements that feature paid spokespersons. See Government Code Section 84511. The FPPC website also contains information on political advertisement disclaimers.

This form was prepared by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Copies of FPPC forms and informational materials are also available on the FPPC website (

Fillable Form 511

If you still have questions, you can ask the FPPC for advice.

FPPC Advice Email:

FPPC Advice Phone: 866-275-3772

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