Form 402 Instructions - Statement of Termination Slate Mailer Organization

Slate mailer organizations do not automatically terminate and may only terminate under the following circumstances:

Where to File:

The original of the Statement of Termination (Form 402) is filed with the Secretary of State and, if applicable, a copy with the local filing officer with whom the organization files its original disclosure statements.


Additional filing obligations will be incurred if a slate mailer organization receives payments or makes disbursements in connection with a slate mailer after a Statement of Termination has been filed.

This form was prepared by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). For detailed information on campaign reporting requirements and the Information Practices Act of 1977, see the FPPC Campaign Disclosure Manual (available from your filing officer or the FPPC). Campaign filing deadlines, forms, and other informational materials are available on the FPPC website (

Form 402

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